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Meet the Moses that’s creating a path for Nigerians, meet Moses Oruaze Dickson.

Moses Oruaze Dickson

Who is Moses Oruaze Dickson?

Moses Oruaze Dickson (born 13th August 1985) is a Nigerian  born Lawyer, entrepreneur, writer and philanthropist. He is the Chairman of Modickson  Consortium, and also chairman of the Boards of many companies – Chairman, Board of Directors, Solalina Investment Group, founder/Managing Solicitor, Triax Solicitors, Honorary business development director in Strong Ideas Limited and founder of Goldcoast developmental Foundation.


What was growing up like?

I didn’t see a motorcycle or car till I was nine. I grew up for in 10’ by 12’ room space that served as a sitting room on one hand, a dining space at will and the bedroom I shared with my mother and siblings for many years in Toru Orua, Sagbama Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. I remember how I lurked around my school premises, waiting to get the notebooks of my colleagues, simply because I was chased out for not paying my school fees. I remember how I laughed and wished people looked beyond the splash of dentition, to hear the cacophonic thoughts of rage in my voice. When I stepped out smiling in the morning, I wished they looked beyond the stripes of pain inflicted by my sleeping mat. My nights were always pregnant with wishes the mornings craved could come to fruition and so I resolved to smile in the face of uncertainty.  In all of this, Moses Oruaze Dickson was full of light and dreams; all credit to my mother, Mrs. Goldcoast Dickson.

Indeed, you are creating value for NIGERIANS; what are some of the platforms you are using in doing so?

When I look around our day to day lives, I see opportunities. We see gaps in the demand and supply chain yearning for value addition. We have thus created sustainable vehicles and platforms to provide these value added services for people. Take for example the difficulty in accessing legal services, the burden legal practitioners face daily in processing briefs from clients. As a lawyer, I understand the hardship we face in having to deal with government regulatory agencies not to mention unyielding pressures from clients to have magical results within record time. Restitute Nig Limited has come up with a product called LegalXpress to create a seamless online location based platform connecting clients to legal practitioners duly called to bar. The platform in addition provides a seamless system for processing the following: Registration/ Incorporation of companies to with, reservation/search of company /business names, filing of annual returns, Tax Identification Number, Tax Clareance,and other transactions with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Others are:

1. Trademarks Registration in all the countries of the World

2. Patent

3. Design of logos

4. Copyrights

5. NAFDAC permits

6. Business and Expatriate Permit

7. Residence permit

8. DPR Registration

9. Companies external Secretary

10. Legal due diligence

11. Property Management

12. Perfection of property.

Other platforms are Solalina mass transport Limited a subsidiary of the Solalina Investment Group with the core mission to create opportunities and transforming lives. It is a location based mobile online app that connects you to available drivers in your region via any smart phone or other devices in two easy steps. It is convenient, inexpensive and safe service that caters for you wherever you are.

RESTITUTE: Restitute Nig Ltd is a product of the realization that the General public would greatly benefit from a specialist compensation/claim management service. Restitute is here to stay and now operates from Abuja and Yenagoa and is spreading fast in Nigeria due to increasing cases daily.

Since its inception, we have built up an enviable reputation through settlement of of many claims in damages and soon to take up class actions. We take up claims such as;

1) Road Traffic Accidents

2) Disease at work

3) Clinical and medical negligence

4) employment law

5) accidents at work

6) fatal and serious injury claims

7) slip or trip public liability accidents

8) other claims.

To make things easier for all, we have a functional web portal and an App for download.

All you need to do is go to and sign up and also download the app soon to be launched.

You can easily engage our services now, tomorrow and anytime you have a pursue able. Fill in the box, upload any supporting documents, photos or video then input statements and testimonies, fill all other categories, click the mandate button and submit online and our team of specialists from every state in Nigeria will take up your claim with no initial payments and you will not pay till your claim is successful.

Our motto is ” No injury with impunity ” My philanthropy: like Shari Arison Said “Doing Good is a simple and universal vision. A vision to which each and every one of us can connect and contribute to its realisation. A vision based on the belief that by doing good deeds, positive thinking and affirmative choice of words, feelings and actions, we can enhance goodness in the world”. At every opportunity, I give my service to humanity in individual by touching people in need and through community service.

I work as volunteer in several charity organizations nonetheless, I founded Goldcoast Developmental Foundation a vehicle for progressing my passion of touching lives.


A successful man like you is bound to be giving back somehow, so tell us about Moses Oruaze Dickson, the philanthropist

Gold Coast Development Foundation Is a Non-Governmental Organization established in 2012 and registered under the relevant Laws of Nigeria, with its base in Bayelsa State. With her Mission to ​continuously render selfless service and improve the general well-being of the needy and vulnerable through collective participation. The Foundation deploys its resources to generate solutions to challenges that inhibit the growth of the Nigerian youth. Through its commitment to catalytic philanthropy, the Gold Coast Development Foundation seeks to achieve its mission by enhancing the development and capacity of youths and, supporting and driving policies that promote competitiveness, deploying financial capital through impact investments, and educating public and private sector actors through rigorous research. The foundation has earned awards jointly by the Red Cross, Bayelsa State Government, Nigerian Air Force etc. for its selfless services to humanity. The foundation is also the CRS of all Modickson Companies worldwide. Read more on 

A lot of young ones dream of being like you someday, what’s your parting advice for them?

Like Nelson Mandela said “It seems impossible until it is done”. You can recreate the world around you but first you must believe in yourself. It is important for me to state that there is need for the youth to understand that no one owes them anything. I specifically advise that youths should desist from the habit of blaming people for their problems and responsibilities. To succeed, you must take responsibility for your actions, dreams and destiny and learn to say no when no is the right answer.

I also want to advise those who are glued to their comfort zones, fed with silver spoons, to sponsor creative minds in their comfort zones rather than misusing their opportunity in frivolity.

I want to advise privileged persons to help creativity for the sake of our future generation.