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The London Supper

Move over Last Supper, there’s a better supper now- the London Supper.

So we start this new week with a brand new picture of our Messiah, well our 2015 Messiah and his faithful disciples. In a long Twitter thread released by his office in which the main message is that he’s awaiting doctor’s order to leave London, we have a brand new classic photo that has no doubt left Leonardo da Vinci feeling suicidal. We are going to gloss over the implied message that Dr. Evans who were meant to believe is holding him against his wishes is the reason he isn’t back.

What’s important? The picture!
Compare our president’s picture and Leonardo’s painting below to see why Leonardo is rubbish and not worthy of his legendary status.

Leonardo’s rubbish:


The Original:President @MBuhari this afternoon received a delegation of APC Governors and leaders in Abuja House, London.
Sadly, Leonardo Da Vinci has now committed suicide. R.I.P, pretender.

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