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How Nigerians celebrated #WorldPoetryDay and Top Tweets from the interesting trend: #WhatWereYouDoingIn1999


World Poetry day is a day set aside by UNESCO to celebrate the art of poetry which has been important to us for decades. The World Poetry day is March 21st and was agreed upon in 1999. Here are some beautiful poetry from Nigerians across twitter:

An all-time classic:

And finally:


Nigerians on twitter reminisced back to the year 1999 yesterday. Whilst the trend eventually had a life of its own, it was started by this tweet:


Remembers it so well, like he’s ready to play it right now:

Fear Fear:

And 18 years later, isn’t typing properly:

Living on borrowed time for 18 years:

Were there lorries that were supposed to take people to heaven?



How you shouldn’t have spent 1999:



Just no.


Who are we going to ask?

Are we glad that you made it?!


You know? Unplugging umbilical cord and stuff



Not sure what to make of you and the teacher 18 years after:

Absolutely! If you know, you know!!

Wonder what scary countdowns look like hmm

There you have it, Nigerians Nigerianing!