Omode meta’n sere: The False Prophet edition

What do you know about the highly exalted trinity? What do you know about the three wise men? What do you know about the three musketeers? You probably know a lot but we can assure you that whatever makes them special is nothing compared to “Omode meta’n sere”.

The highly exalted wise “Omode meta’n sere” were at it this week again.

A member of the trio prophesied thus:

Premium Times went with it in this post.

But alas it was a false prophecy as can be seen here:

But that’s not the issue.

This statement is the issue:

Well, I don’t mean to be Captain Obvious but was this published on a slate in Burundi?

It turns out the Acting President did eventually swear in new ministers.

“Omode meta’n sere” need to quit playing, seriously.