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Big Brother Naija Finale, Who’s winning?

We're in the final week of Big Brother Naija, guys! SO who is winning? T-Boss, Bisola, Efe, Marvis or Debie Rise? This weekend's Big Brother Naija Finale!

We’re in the final week of Big Brother Naija, guys!

Yes, all good things must come to an end. As housemates battle it out for the winner of 25 million naira and an SUV, we will show each housemate and their celebrity/significant backers.

We kick off with the one many people love to hate, the reigning queen of #BossNation, T-Boss:

T-Boss has had quite a ride. She’s been nominated at almost every step, frequently gossiped about by her fellow housemates but is still somehow in the running. If anything, all the anger towards her and conspiracy theories about Big Brother favoring her, endeared her strongly towards many people. unsurprisingly, one of the chief proponents of the conspiracy theory is Instagram personality, Tunde Ednut. Here are some of T-Boss’ significant backers:


Team T-Boss Even Made a video!


Next up, the supremely talented Bisola.

Bisola admittedly has had moments on Big Brother Naija when many fans of the show wished she’d done certain things a little differently but all in all, she’s a firm fans’ favorite. Her acting skills, her singing, dancing, everything is top notch. It won’t be too far fetched to say she might just be the most entertaining housemate left.


Off to Warri, Area!

Efe is another favourite of quite a lot of people. He has his moments. He can be clever and say the right things. His pidgin english is also very interesting and he’s never been ashamed of his humble roots. He’s always “based on logistics.” A lot of people relate to him including:


Port Harcourt’s first daughter as far as Big Brother Naija is concerned, Marvis.

Marvis has been one of those really chilled housemates, drawing neither excess love nor hate, however her Port Harcourt people will beg to differ. They have been solidly behind their own since day one and are getting even more vocal about it.


“Who votes for Debie Rise?”

This is often the question whenever Debie Rise avoids eviction after being nominated. Well, Debie who is a professional musician and a very good one at that does have fans. Big Brother isn’t Debie’s first reality show either so her fans are definitely trained in the art of voting. “Debie and her guitar” have certainly made 2017 Big Brother Naija very interesting.

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