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Nigerians are surely the funniest people ever!

Nigerians are surely the funniest people ever as can be seen from the memes from this old royco advert

Last week, some people on Nigerian Twitter resurrected some old TV Ads that used to be popular in Nigeria from back in the day, including this Royco Ad:


I’m sure you remember it. We all found it funny back then but when it came up, a few Nigerians armed with new knowledge believe it was misogynistic. However, staying true to form, Nigerians on twitter turned it into a big joke, making all sorts of hilarious memes from it.


Here are the best ones:

Of Course, Nigerians had to go there:

For all the Ponzi Scheme people:

Manchester United really love those home draws:

But seriously:


Like, where do you know me from?


I’m sure most of us can relate:




If you watch #BBNaija you will understand:



LOL! A dig at former Presidential Aide, Reno Omokri who tends to say not so sound stuff and term them “nuggets”


Dig at musician, Mr. Eazi who had prior to releasing his mixtape said Nigerian music is all Ghana influenced and that didn’t go down well with Nigerians

If you know, you know!


Dig at a popular funny twitter account that was eventually found to be lifting jokes that people thought he wrote

We have to agree that indeed, Nigerians may very well be the funniest people alive! LOL!