Biafra: Court to rule on Kanu, bail request April 25 as Igbo students flood Abuja in solidarity with Buhari and Soludo wants Anambra people to think home

Biafra: Court to rule on Kanu, bail request April 25 as Igbo students flood Abuja in solidarity with Buhari and Soludo wants Anambra people to think home

The Federal High Court in Abuja, on Monday, fixed April 25 to decide whether or not the detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, should be released on bail pending his trial.

“I was accused in public and I must be tried in public. No one can try me in secret! No secret trial! I will not accept that, no way!”, Kanu bellowed from the dock at the last adjourned date.

Trial Justice Binta Nyako equally adjourned to rule on separate bail applications by three other pro-Biafra agitators, Chidiebere Onwudiwe, Benjamin Madubugwu and David Nwawuisi, who are facing trial with Kanu.


Thousands Igbo students flood Abuja in solidarity with Buhari

Thousands of Students from the south east under the umbrella of Ohaneze Ndi’gbo Students Forum on Monday besieged the streets of Abuja pledging their loyalty to the unity and oneness of the Nigerian State.

President of Ohaneze Ndi’gbo Students Forum, Comrade Osisioma Osikenyi Igwe addresed the students.
He said, “We have chosen to become part of the change agents, by impressing on our people to sight the bright future Nigeria offers every ethnic nationality, most especially Igbo nation under the God-fearing and de-tribalized leader, President Buhari. We must bury our mundane thoughts that have tethered us to retrogressive sentiments for ages.”

He said, “We are strangely happy in the euphoria of being blinded by our foibles. When we contemplate any remedy, it is usually half-baked and poorly articulated, manifest in the frequent retreat into our cocoons, with loud gospels of separatism. These wrong approaches have failed to give us solace, heal our wounds and cement ties with our Nigerian brothers to work for the prosperity of Nigeria.

He said, “in the years past, we have been misled and enslaved by our people, who exploited our innocence and complacence to market several unfounded and unprofitable sentiments, which poisoned our minds towards our beloved country, Nigeria. Sadly, no one can point to a single reward we’ve got from these wild adventures from our years of silence; our months of endurance and decades of antagonism.

“Over time too, we have silently watched elders of our land; our leaders indulge in excesses that have led us to wrong steps and decisions, which have disappointingly and continuously nurtured the passion of hate against us, as a race in Nigeria. It has rather expanded the frontiers of enmity between us and other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. We cannot continue in this manner and we have taken up the challenge to also lead the path for our elders to follow, because the future belongs to the youths”

He continued, “We want our Southeastern brothers and sisters to understand in unmistaken terms that Nigeria holds a lot of promise for Igbo nation than the delusion of a non-existent Biafran state. And luckily, the hour this realization has dawned on us has come at a time Nigeria is blessed with a good leader, President Buhari. His actions and utterances demonstrates a passion of love for every Nigerian, regardless of tribe, religion or political affiliation. The Igbos of Nigeria have no better time to have a resounding deal in Nigeria, outside of the Buhari Presidency.

He said, “We now sleep with our two eyes closed and our parents now do business without the fear of dupes or molestation from criminal gangs. We therefore seize this rare opportunity to reiterate our pledge of loyalty to Mr. President and all constituted authorities in the country. We profoundly salute the security architecture of Nigeria for doing a good job of ridding the Southeast of criminal elements which suffocated people of the region.”

He said, “We cannot deny that crime is very high in our land and we require the presence of the Nigerian Military, the Police and even the vigilante to secure us to transact our legitimate business and freely move about with our money.” “We need the tightest security in the Southeast, more than any part of Nigeria and we are happy President Buhari has proved that he can protect us from criminal vagabonds. We are glad he has complied with his oath of office in securing the lives and properties of Nigerians. And we are prime beneficiaries! Is this not true?

“We celebrated the 2016 yuletide in peace and with a near zero incidence of acts of criminality because the Nigerian Police and where necessary, Mr. President through his Service Chiefs secured our land. Soldiers Operation Python Dance came to the rescue of the people. There were no prowling kidnappers, abductors or armed robbers terrorizing us last Christmas and we are truly grateful, as we look forward to same peace this year.”



Soludo wants Anambra people to look inwards

Delivering a lecture as part of activities to mark the 3rd anniversary of Governor Willie Obiano’s administration in Awka, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, said the state had a strong economic base and the human and natural resources and assets to accelerate the momentum of transformation. He said, Anambra had the potentials to become an industrial/commercial hub and a true 21st century economic miracle, adding that as an emerging global tribe, Ndigbo and Anambra must think global, but also act local.

He said: “A noteworthy feature of Anambra State at the moment is that it is a net exporter of capital. A large proportion of its most talented/skilled indigenes live outside of the state, while a larger proportion of investible capital is deployed outside of the state. “Poverty incidence in Anambra used to be the lowest mainly because of remittances by its Diaspora. The skyline of Anambra is adorned with thousands of four-storey buildings whose collateral value is insignificant (largely dead or dormant assets).

“Access to bank credit is relatively low. For example, Anambra has the fourth largest bank deposit (after Lagos, Abuja, and Rivers) but the size of bank loans granted to businesses in Anambra is a very small proportion of the deposits. This trend needs to change.

“As a global tribe, we cannot be insular in orientation nor withdraw from the world. Igbo cannot all come home; it is neither wise nor feasible. Like the Jews, Anambra will probably continue to have more than 50 per cent of its indigenes outside of the homeland.”

“Given our entrepreneurial drive and high population density, our people will continue to need Nigeria, ECOWAS, Africa and the rest of the world to maximize our prosperity. “But while we must feel at home everywhere, there is only one home that will never change—the homeland! Having an identity is not inconsistent with a global or national outlook.”

He said further: “Both Ota Farm and the Presidential Library and Home are all in his (Obasanjo) home state—Ogun. He did not settle in Lagos or Abuja to prove that he loves Nigeria. Of course, by our Constitution, you are first identified by your ‘state of origin’ before anything else. We must not feel shy to campaign for and mobilize a new consciousness towards an “Anambra My Only Permanent Home” philosophy. God did not make a mistake to make us Ndi Anambra!”