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Logan is the trending movie right now in Nigerian Cinemas, so what do Nigerians think about it?

Logan the movie showing in Filmhouse, Genesis, Silverbird and all Nigerian Movie Cinemas now!

The Logan movie has received rave reviews worldwide and rightly so. We all love us some Hugh Jackman! Now as usual, Nigerians being  a special breed have been giving their take on the movie. Here are a few interesting takes:

First, the Logan Historian:

The “Dullapo”:

The caring Logan Customer Representative:

Confirmation that the Logan movie is trending in Nigerian Cinemas:

Yet another accidental but impressed viewer:

The Logan as a dating service entrepreneur:

You best believe the movie is fire:

And more fire:

Sadly, the Inevitable Spoiler, block this user:

The Cinema oversabi:

And finally the typical Nigerian:

Please go see the Logan movie this weekend with family and friends and do have a great time.